www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com – a place to avoid (Lilly Hope Lucario’s website) – and not recommended by Pete Walker

  • if you are triggered by conflict you may want to skip reading this *
    I decided to avoid making any personal judgements about another person’s character, state of mind, etc, and there is no name-calling, bullying or shaming statements here. Just facts. I hope all who advocate for survivors will read this.

Recently Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD re-published it’s facebook page after a long absence, which initially seemed like good news – until I saw content created for our website http://traumadissociation.com had been copied to it, had the website name removed, and replaced with ‘healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com’ – and in some pictures a colored border was also added. Looking into it further, this appears to have happened on a series of different dates, since 2014, with the most recent being last month (April 2016).

Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD copyright theft – George Orwell poster about the truthHealing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD copyright theft by Lilly Hope Lucario – George Orwell poster about the truth

This is blatant theft of our work, along with attempts to claim it is original to Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD and copyrighted to the website owner. This doesn’t appear to be a misunderstanding or lack of awareness: some of the written content on the same website is attributed correctly to other websites. Repeatedly deleting or covering the original website name, then adding your own is not an accidental act. Neither is refusing to delete content when someone complains about it and blocking their account. It’s illegal to do this under copyright law, as well as unethical.

It is also not a website recommended by Complex PTSD survivor and therapist Pete Walker

See the http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/#!disclaimer-info/caui – the website’s disclaimer for the feedback the website claims Pete Walker did give. Some professionals may have recommended it, but not Pete Walker, therapist, survivor and well known author of Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving.

Our stolen content appears on:

Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD copyright theft by Lilly Hope Lucario Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD copyright theft by Lilly Hope Lucario - facebook message
On our website http://traumadissociation.com the copyright information on each page says you can copy the images (unless they state otherwise) – just say which website it came from and include a link back to it, which is quick and easy (our blog and social media posters shouldn’t be copied, use the Share button for them). Each website image has invisible license information electronically included too, proving it’s ours. I explained how to link back and credit the copied work via their facebook page on May 12th, but Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD has chosen not to do this – and rather than fix the issue, have deleted one copy of a single image only, and another unlinked from the PTSD page but left on the website. Nothing has been done about the rest.

Links to copies of the stolen files, which should all be deleted:
PTSD and Complex PTSD Symptoms

website image – as linked to from http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/#!ptsd–v–complex-ptsd/c1538
– from her facebook profile, and correctly attributed with a link back but with our website name removed
– 4 separate twitter photos of it pic668199774810562560pic654024925770964992pic614189261995180032pic611668157938319361

Causes of PTSD graph
https://healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/causes-of-ptsd-graph.jpg – used in a blog post
website image – as found via google images search – and twitter copy https://t.co/djtyhYvQum (now deleted)

Causes of PTSD in Preschool children
website image – linked to from http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/#!ptsd-in-children/c1h9i

George Orwell quotehttps://healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/george-orwelll-deny-history-001.jpg linked to from https://healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.wordpress.com/tag/denial-2/
– and the facebook copy- deleted by facebook May 15th

Dysfunctional families poster
https://healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/disclosure-001.jpg – linked to from https://healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.wordpress.com/2015/08/03/disclosing-child-sexual-abuse-to-disordered-dysfunctional-toxic-families-often-leads-to-further-severe-abuse/
twitter copy
This list might be added to if more content is found later on.

After commenting 2 days ago to report the first 4 images, only the ‘Causes of PTSD’ graph was removed from their website and facebook page, (and yesterday from twitter too). Every comment left on the other copied work was deleted, as well as the post left on the page’s timeline. TraumaAndDissociation‘s facebook page is now banned from there, there is now no direct communication – except to file copyright complaints with facebook, wordpress, twitter, and wix.com (wix ‘hosts’ the website) – luckily this is free and easy, and there are no later consequences as long as the content is removed quickly. However, perhaps Lilly Hope Lucario, the website owner, will see this post and remove the content that isn’t hers before that’s necessary to file every complaint.

Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD copyright theft by Lilly Hope Lucario proofHealing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD copyright theft by Lilly Hope Lucario proof

She even tweeted one of the original images before she removed our website address.

There has been no attempt to deny this theft, and the evidence that it was created and online, with our website/facebook addresses, before being edited and re-posted is overwhelming. Any google search for images about ‘PTSD’ or ‘Complex PTSD’ will bring up our website in the first few results. Our original content is on http://traumadissociation.com/ptsd and http://traumadissociation.com/complexptsd

Once the copyright issue is sorted out the problem links and content will be gone, but this is no longer a resource I feel can be trusted – despite the many endorsements from professionals seen on the website. Besides our content, some of the social media photos containing the website’s name with a turquoise/teal border also look like they may belong to other creators – some appear to be have background from powerpoint presentations, like the kind often found on websites like slideshare.

Here’s the originals she removed our website address from, and tried to claim as hers:

PTSD and Complex Symptoms Compared
PTSD and Complex PTSD symptoms compared

link to Facebook version (differs slightly)

Causes of PTSD
Causes of PTSD

PTSD in Preschool children
PTSD in Preschool Children

facebook share link

George Orwell quote, from our blog
The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. George Orwell
From our blog Forgetting the Past: Repressed Memories .

PTSD Triggers poster – from our facebook page
Dysfunctional families poster – from our facebook page
As she says herself:
“I too have had my work stolen & plagiarised on social media, by other PTSD pages. Theft, is theft.” @HealingCPTSD

I hope other advocates and survivors will consider sharing this post, and appreciate that theft and editing isn’t in any way typical of other survivors or advocates act. I hope the site owner stop this behavior rather than attempt to lie or make false accusations about something which there is such clear evidence about. If she doesn’t delete the content herself, then the websites it is on will have to do so to comply with the law once they check it’s copyrighted to us.We will continue to make our own content, and to support and share links from others with posting about healing trauma and dissociation, but will no longer be doing this with links or content from Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD. It is devastating to realize we shared links to some of her content during the time she was stealing ours.

Tools for website owners

* google advanced search customize your search to find images you can reuse

It isn’t necessary to include your own website address or hidden data to copyright images as yours. If you created it, legally it’s yours.

  • Edited May 26, 2016 to remove the links to the website*

Posts about Abuse, and Complex PTSD
* Complex PTSD and PTSD – Do you know the differences? (traumadissociation.wordpress.com)
* Complex PTSD in detail (traumadissociation.com)
* What’s Inappropriate About Exposing Abuse? (discusses a possibly harmful child abuse survivor/advocate, Bo Budinsky)
How abusers and perpetrators get away with it (emergingfrombroken.com, discusses an unnamed abuser who is also a survivor, Bo Budinsky is named in comments)
Extreme victimized cover abuse – lies and manipulation people demanding ‘help’ by lying like this leave you feeling exhausted (traumadissociation.wordpress.com)
Chronic pain, caused by trauma? (traumadissociation.wordpress.com)
Inspirational Women Lilly Hope Lucario (another professional site endorsing healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd)


7 thoughts on “www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com – a place to avoid (Lilly Hope Lucario’s website) – and not recommended by Pete Walker

  1. The images you refer to, were found without your website name via google. As many of mine are without my website name. But, I don’t make accusations to who altered them, because I have no proof. I have removed the ones you claim are yours. Your accusations that I have intentionally stolen them, are false. I don’t need the images you claim to be yours, to be successful in my work. I am happy to remove them. They add little to my work. You are clearly a very disordered person. I have email proof that Pete Walker has emailed me and has given me permission to use his work and also for my upcoming book. His permission, would not be on my website, has he not have given me written permission. So remove your lies or I will report you. Your little nasty campaign, with your lies and accusations, shows how desperate you are. No doubt you are resentful of my work, which is very successful. You need to consider you motivations and actions, and seek some help. Lilly Hope Lucario


    • Google searches all images and ours rank on the first page, clicking the image takes you to the copy stored on the http://traumadissociation.com website.
      Find it on google does not give you the right to take the and pass them off as yours, and even to them try to claim copyright for them – which you have done via the statement on your website claiming they are protected under Australian copyright law as yours. That’s illegal.

      You clearly appear to have visited our website and taken the DSM-5 criteria from there, including the APA style citation, this information isn’t anywhere else online in a single page. It took a long time to get this hard-to-find information together. You don’t use formal citations anywhere on your website except on that page, it’s exactly the same citation as used on our pages.

      As for your talk of proof of editing – are you now claiming someone else added your website name to the images And that you are being falsely accused? Clearly someone edited those images to include your website’s name, and you – or someone – uploaded them to a website you claim to be sole owner of. You have just said you were the one that found them on google…

      In this blog I have inked to your endorsement from Pete Walker, who ‘commend’ you, but does not ‘recommend’ your website. It seems that people have assumed he does, although you yourself don’t appear to have said this directly.

      I do not understand what is here that you view as ‘lies’. It is all factual. The evidence and links are there. I have screenshots of what has aready been removed and emails confirming your content’s removal from facebook as a vioation of our ntellectual property rights..

      As I said at the start of the blog I would not include any judgements on your character and I gave my motivations as well in writing this blog. However I notice you have just said I am ‘disordered’, ‘resentful’ (despite having supported and shared your links previously – I don’t view other website as ‘competition’ and prefer to support them), and you also state I ‘need to seek some help’. That’s using mental health stigma to label someone as ‘crazy’- perhaps in the hope that others will disregard the truth being spoken.

      It is very sad that your initial refusal to delete all the content, and refusal to discuss it has led to this action.

      If you are ‘happy to remove’ the content then you now have all the links and I will leave it 24 hr before filing any more reports, although I did file several more today which may not have reached you yet.


  2. To make false accusations and spread lies – without even speaking to the person and ‘asking’ them first – is indeed, a disordered mind. And if you do not have self insight to reflect on that, then you should not be attempting to help others, as you need to help yourself first. As I stated, the images were found – I did not know you claim they are yours. Being a genuine, reasonable person, I am happy to remove any you ‘claim’ are yours. I do believe, however, you could have taken the same images, and added your website name, and are also passing them off as your own. And then attack me. Pete Walker and I have been in contact several times and I don’t lie – I have his support of my work and his full unrestricted approval to quote him in my book. If he were not supportive of my work, he would not have given this unrestricted approval. So have a think about that. Just because you lie, and fabricate stories, because you are resentful, does not mean I do. You may wish ‘want’ to think he does not support me – but you are wrong. Remove your lies about this, or I will report you. As I have stated – I do not in any way ‘need’ any of your images, to enhance my work. My work is very popular, I have hundreds of my own images and my work is supported by many mental health professionals. I am very content with all I do. My website fully links and cites all sources – as you will see, if you view it. I don’t steal work. You may enjoy your little smear campaign, but all this shows to people with insight, is how resentful, you are. Lilly Hope Lucario.


  3. It is a sad situation and a tricky one at the same time. How do you confront someone with CPTSD about being dishonest,especially, when they are using a public platform of helping others with CPTSD heal. Have you contacted other providers that have endorsed her about the situation just to make sure that she has someone to reach out to who has the facts. She obviously cannot accept that she has done this as if it is a statement about her integrity and mental state of mind overall. Black and white thinking is an issue with how she views the world, with religious overtones. I am concerned for her and the thousands that follow her. I am surprised that she uses her faith so much in her blog because of the hundreds of CPTSD survivors who have survived from religious abuse. Most pages ban the use of god in the dialogue because of this. Just my thoughts. Thank you so much for posting your information.


    • Many people with CPTSD are very compassionate toward others, and try to support anyone who is or might be suffering, for whatever reason. A number of people have raised publicly concerns for her welfare: yet, ironically, none have asked after mine. It as if breaking the law – repeatedly – to the detriment of someone else and to her benefit, or rather being known as having done, so has made her appear as if she is somehow the victim of something. She was the one making personal criticisms in terms of attacks on personality, and negative comments about the quality of website writing – she was not on the receiving end of anything like that.

      I do know a number of her followers on social media have commented (via Trauma And Dissociation's facebook page) that they have seen this post (and are still following her posts) so are aware. She also created a new blog post (on 15th May) referring to herself as the 'victim' of a 'smear campaign' by someone with a 'toxic mind' (presumably another insult aimed at me), and this blog referred to her receiving support from a particular counselor. Given that she describes herself as providing support to others I am sure that she is well aware of crisis lines as well as local mental health services if she feels that she needs them. I am not, however, responsible for her state of mind, or rescuing her from the consequences of her harmful behavior towards me.

      Having CPTSD (or any other diagnosis) does not exempt a person from being accountable or their actions. She repeatedly broke the law – and in ways that were detrimental to me and TraumaDissociation, as well as benefical to her, so it needed to be addressed rather than avoided.

      You mentioned she is healing others with CPTSD heal, but this is not the first time it has became public knowledge that she can be intentionally harmful toward others. A search for 'healingcomplextraumaandptsd.com' brings up reddit.com's CPTSD forum with a complaint about her in January, from someone who was warning others not to contact her for support – and stated that when he did she was hurtful towardshim and he referred to her making one or more passive aggressive blog posts aimed at him. He also said that at that time he had believed she was a mental health professional. Her comments on this post towards me (and on my facebook page) are intended to hurt me personally, damage traumadissociation/s reputation, and attempt to intimidate me into being silent as well.

      I am still busy with the legal process of getting all the content removed, which involves filing complaints with the four different companies involved (twitter, wix, facebook and wordpress).


  4. Update – 26 May 2016
    Despite posting here on 14 May to say she would delete the remaining content, she did not, and the content was finally deleted in full by completing the legal process with wix (for the website), twitter, facebook and wordpress.
    Screenshots below prove she did not delete the content linked to in this blog.

    website content deleted by wix

    emails from twitter - 15 and 18 May

    twitter and wordpress delete the content

    last email from facebook

    No action is going to be taken over the DSM5 content since it is possible it came from elsewhere, despite having the same spelling mistake/incorrect word near the start.


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