DID books by and about real people and their lives

Before 1900

1940 – 1960

  • The Three Faces of Eve – the popular press version of Cleckley and Thigpen’s misrepresentation of Chris Costner Sizemore (which was originally an academic article), Chris actually had significant early trauma that she only recalled years later, eventually developed 22 alters and published her full story in 1977
  • The Bird’s Nest (Lizzie) – Shirley Jackson – written by a psychiatrist, a film for this was released in the same year as the movie for The Three Faces of Eve. The five personalities in the book are shown as only three personalities in the movie.
  • Strangers in My Body / The Final Face of Eve – James Poley, “Evelyn Lancaster” (Chris Costner Sizemore) – Chris was prevented from telling her full story by her ex-therapists so ended up fudging parts of this, publishing her full story in 1977.
  • The Chris Costner Sizemore papers – selection of letters, diaries etc, covering 1950s to 1980s – held at Duke University

1960 – 1980

  • Sybil: The Classic True Story of a Woman Possessed by Sixteen Personalities – Flora Rheta Schreiber – A Times bestseller in the 1970s, Schreiber writes about Shirley Ardell Mason and her therapist Cornelia Wilbur – the book led to 2 TV mini-series, a number of follow on books, and a rather bizarre and sensationist book trying to blame DID symptoms on anemia during the 1990s backlash against abuse survivors
  • The Final Face of Eve – Elen Sain Pittillo, Chris Costner Sizemore – Chris’s full story including domestic violence in her first marriage, suicidality, finally getting a good therapist, and life after integration
  • The Five of Me – Henry Hawksworth
  • Paperclip Dolls – Annie McKenna

1980 – 2000

  • Michelle Remembers – Michelle Smith and Lawrence Padzer (her psychiatrist). A later backlash against ritual abuse discloses places considerable blame on this book.
  • Therapist when Rabbit Howls – Truddi Chase and the Troops (her alters) wrote this together, and took her story of incest and abuse public
  • Multiple Personality Disorder from the Inside Out – edited by Cohen and Giller, accounts from many different people living with DID
  • Prism : Andrea’s World – Jonathan Bliss, Eugene Bliss – based on “Andrea Biaggi”, a Silician-American
  • The Lives of Billy Milligan – Daniel Keyes – Milligan sold his story after being sent to a locked psychiatric hospital following his trial for a 3 week crime spree involving multiple rapes and thefts by several of his alters
  • Voices – Trula Michaels Lacalle – by a psychologist
  • Beyond Integration: One Multiple’s Journey – Doris Bryant, Judy Kessler
  • I’m Eve/A Mind of My Own: The Woman Who Was Known as “Eve” Tells the Story of Her Triumph Over Multiple Personality Disorder – Chris Costner Sizemore – her last book
  • Shatter : The True Story of Kathy Roth’s Eight Separate Personalities and Her Struggle to Become Whole – Nancy Hughes Clark
  • Through Divided Minds: Probing the Mysteries of Multiple Personalities – Robert S. Mayer – written by a psychoanalyst
  • Katherine, It’s Time: The Incredible Journey into the World of a Multiple Personality – Kit Castle, Stefan Bechtel
  • Becoming Kate – Theodore J. Jansma
  • Suffer the Child – Judith Spencer – about “Jenny” whose poetry is included
  • 37 to one: living as an integrated multiple – Phoenix (formerly Sandra) J. Hocking – she wrote a self-help book and a book for loved ones before this
  • Abused Beyond Words: The Healing Journey of Reclaiming Our Inner Power and Peace by Speaking the Unspeakable Truth – Moriah S. St. Clair
  • Jennifer and Her Selves – Gerald Schoenewolf – by a novice therapist
  • The Family Inside: Working with the Multiple – Doris Bryant – a self-help book with a study of someone with DID
  • Moira – Martin Obler
  • The Laid daughter : A true story – Helen Bonner
  • Thirteen pieces : life with a multiple – Mary Locke – written by a partner after the end of a relationship
  • The Flock: The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality – Joan Frances Casey
  • Telling without talking : art as a window into the world of multiple personality – Carol Thayer Cox and Barry M. Cohen – art therapists include 180 pieces of art by people with DID
  • Broken Child – Marcia Cameron
  • Silencing the voices: one woman’s experience with multiple personality disorder – Jean Darby Cline
  • First Person Plural – Cameron West, one of the few men with DID to describe incestuous abuse
  • Silencing the voices : one woman’s triumph over multiple personality disorder – Jean Darby Cline and Jeff Darby Cline
  • Diary of a survivor in art and poetry – deJoly LaBrier
  • Rag Doll: A Journey of Healing and Integration – Alayna
  • Nightmare : uncovering the strange 56 personalities of Nancy Lynn Gooch – Nancy Gooch
  • Childhood’s Thief: One Woman’s Journey of Healing from Sexual Abuse – Rose Mary Evans – written by a therapist
  • Becoming One: A Story of Triumph Over Multiple Personality Disorder – Sarah E. Olson
  • Magic Castle: A Mother’s Harrowing True Story of Her Adoptive Son’s Multiple Personalities — and the Triumph of Healing – Carole Smith
  • Sorority of survival : memoirs of a multiple – Katherine A. Newman
  • The Magic Daughter: A Memoir of Living with Multiple Personality Disorder – Jayne Anne Phillips
  • Welcome Home Stranger: An Account of Multiple Personalities – Matthew Daniels, author from New Zealand

2000 – 2020

  • Looking Inside: Life Lessons from a Multiple Personality in Pictures and Words – Judy Castelli – misdiagnosed with schizophrenia for 20 years
  • Body Scripture : A Therapist’s Journal of Recovery from Multiple Personality – Barbara Hope – a therapist with DID
  • Big Marcia H – Lisa Heibner
  • Beyond these walls : The true story of a lost child’s journey to a whole life – Hanna Gabriele
  • I Am More Than One: How Women with Dissociative Identity Disorder Have Found Success in Life and Work – Jane Hyman
  • Carol Rutz – A Nation Betrayed
  • Safe Eyes – A Story of Healing – Deborah Hall Berkley
  • The Shining man with hurt hands – Ellis H. Skolfield
  • From ghetto to glory : a memoir – Monique Douglass-Andrews
  • Unshackled: A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control – Kathleen M. Sullivan
  • Not Otherwise Specified: A Multiple Life in One Body – Leah Peterson (DDNOS) – Leah was a consultant for the TV series The United States of Tara
  • A God Called Father: One Woman’s Recovery from Incest and Multiple Personality Disorder
    – Judith Machree
  • Lina in search of Lina : The history and treatment of a patient with multiple personality disorder – Rolando I. Haddad
  • Secret Weapons: How Two Sisters Were Brainwashed To Kill For Their Country – Cheryl Hersha – mostly about experiences with MK-Ultra and other abuse, with DID resulting
  • A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder – Robert B. Oxnam – read the excerpt 
  • Am I a Good Girl Yet?: Childhood Abuse Had Shattered Her. Could She Ever Be Whole? – Carolyn Bramhall, DID including ritual abuse
  • Fire and Water: A Safe Journey Through Multiple Personality Disorder – Anna Thomas
  • 5010 – The One Who Flew Into the Cuckoo’s Nest by Kathi Stringer
  • Anne’s Multiple World of Personality – Anne Garvey
  • Today I’m Alice: Nine Personalities, One Tortured Mind – Alice Jamieson, describes the British NHS psychiatric system at the time
  • Fractured: Nine Lives To Escape My Own Abuse – Ruth Dee, written under a pseudonym by a former headteacher
  • Hell Minus One – Anne A. Johnson Davis
  • Five Farewells – A Southern Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder – Liz Elliott
  • Switching Time / A Life in Pieces: the Harrowing True Story of a Woman with Multiple Personality Disorder – Richard Baer – psychiatrist writes about treating someone with DID, includes letters and parts she wrote describing integration in detail, also available on audio CD
  • A Shattered Mind – Dauna Cole
  • As if it Didn’t Happen: A memoir of abuse, multiple personalities, and hope – Maggie Claire
  • Coming Present: Living with Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder and How My Faith Helped Heal Me – Caroline Lighthouse
  • Breaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder – Herschel Walker – by an African American athlete
  • All Of Me: My incredible true story of how I learned to live with the many personalities sharing my body – Kim Noble
  • The Sum of My Parts: A Survivor’s Story of Dissociative Identity Disorder – Olga R. Trujillo – also available in Spanish
  • Sybil in her own words: The Untold Story of Shirley Mason, Her Multiple Personalities and Paintings – Patrick Suraci – by her friend (a former psychiatrist), including some of Shirley Mason’s notebooks, art and photos from her cousin – interview with Suraci  
  • After Sybil… From the Letters of Shirley Mason – Nancy Preston writes about her friend “Sybil” – see Sybil (the original)  
  • Mother Had a Secret – Tiffany Fletcher – writing about her mother with DID and the impact on her life
  • Us – Matthew Mckay – writing about someone else
  • I Am WE: My Life with Multiple Personalities – Christine Pattillo
  • We Are Annora – P. S. Marrow
  • In Out of Ice/Glass: Living With Dissociative Identity Disorder and Chemical Dependency – Sarah Smith
  • Which One Am I?, Multiple Personalities and Deep Southern Secrets – Thomas S. Smith, James Darrell Williams – jointly written by a loved one and someone with DID
  • Twenty-two Faces – Judy Byington – about Jenny Hill
  • The Rape of Eve – Colin Ross – a psychiatrist describes the manipulation of Chris Costner Sizemore by her previous psychiatrist, Chris contributed to this book before she passed away
  • Fractured Mind: The Healing of a Person with Dissociative Identity Disorder – Debra Bruch

2020 – present

  • Coming soon

Photo of some books with the words Dissociative Identity Disorder true stories

2 thoughts on “DID books by and about real people and their lives

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  2. I wrote a book about my ten years living with Andy (pseudonym). He has DID and more alters than Truddi Chase. I have C-PTSD, myself, and I’ve been homeless, so it is still not published even though it was written ~25 years ago. The last time I was able to talk with him, he asked me to take out all the pictures as he was still afraid of being recognized. Right now I’m changing a few names and making up a fictitious location as I don’t want him afraid. He doesn’t look like he used to at all. A new alter is in charge of the system and generally won’t talk with me. He usually creates a new profile and contacts me on FB every few years. Anyway, I can’t afford to self-publish. Years ago, I submitted to publishers and had a screenwriter who wanted to make a movie of it, but that fell through. Anyway, if you have any suggestions as to how to get it published, I’d love the help.

    Oh, and I kept a happy ending that turned out to not be true, so technically it’s non-fiction. And I’ve written several stories that are completely non-fiction, plus I’m working on my biography titled “The True Story of a Malingerer”.

    Connie Jean Conklin, MEd
    founder SEASCAT.org on FB


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