Dissociative and Dissociative Identity Disorder humor

May trigger.

I'm not immature... I just have more than one inner child!

If I could get a grip on reality, I’d strangle it —Unknown

Multiple Personality Disorder and Cats… really?

We know that cats can get feline leukemia and feline aids. Cats are subject to mood disorders (e.g., distemper) and adjustment disorders (e.g., peeing on owner’s new lover’s discarded clothing).

Continue reading… Cats with Multiple Personality Disorder

Having DID isn’t all bad…

Having Dissociative Identity Disorder isn't all bad... humor

Having DID isn’t all badhttps://shadowlight8.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/did-is-real-it-can-be-hell-but-it-also-can-be-fun/

Multiple Personality Disorder tax return…

New Tax Form MPD-1040

Certain deductions are available for those who qualify as multiple personalities in the current tax year…

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Multiple Personality jokes – T-shirts & memes

Source: http://www.coolnsmart.com/tshirt_quotes/

DID T-shirt - if I were making this up it would be a whole lot more interesting

There are six Is in Dissociative Identity Disorder T-shirt

My inner teenager got me grounded

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