Coping with Father’s Day – a difficult day for abuse survivors

Father’s Day is a diffcult day for anyone who grew up with a father who was difficult, dismissing, emotionally absent, abusive or otherwise neglectful.

Coping with Father's Day when your father was a bad Dad

Perhaps you’re one of those people who will play the charade of giving a gift, sending a card or making a phone call out of obligation or guilt. Maybe you carry deep wounds from your relationship (or lack thereof) with your father. Perhaps you’ve suffered from the disapproval, rejection, absence or abandonment of your father. Maybe you will try to drum up some positive demeanor toward your dad on Father’s Day even though you really feel nothing at all. – Jim Morris
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What to Do About Father’s Day? (Ideas for Estranged Adult Children or Those With Late Abusive Fathers) – mentions religion offer some great suggestions to help you get through it, whether or not you are currently in touch with your father.

Browsing some funny Father’s Day cards (for both good and bad, or just unusual dads) might interest those in need of humor and distraction.
   Thanks Dad, for showing me how NOT to raise my kids. Happy Father's Day! rotten ecard

If your father has passed away Overcoming Sexual Abuse has some reflections on this in Christina’s post The Death of My Molester Father.

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