Genie in the bottle

Bottling up emotions – and finding a way to let them go

My Healing From CSA

So I have realised that I fear losing control of my emotions. Last weekend I struggled so bad because I was emotional and I couldn’t release them.

The fear of not being able to control the raw emotions has held me back in my healing, now I realise that just the effort of keeping the genie in the bottle had added to my issues.

Now I realise that I have to let them out in a controlled way. I see this as a release of my creative side, a controlled way of moving to being healed. This has been a breakthrough in my thinking.

I’m also realising that by facing my past, it’s making it easier. I’ve started to think about how I can move forward and knowing that short term pain will lead to healing and thriving.

Moving ever onward.

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