Book Review: A Secret Safe to Tell by Naomi Hunter

A Secret Safe to Tell is Naomi Hunter’s first book. This beautiful children’s picture book is designed for children of any age, and each page has been carefully illustrated by Karen Erasmus.


A Secret Safe To Tell by Naomi Hunter

The book is a short story about young girl who find herself confused and worried about the ‘games’ her new friend wants to play with her. The story gradually unfolds, and without any direct mention of sexual abuse or pedophiles, it passes on the message that it is okay to tell an adult about sexual abuse, and what to do if that person does not believe or listen initially.

It is an interesting, enjoyable book to read and by concentrating on feelings rather than details of body safety (or abuse) it should not distress any child it is read to, or who reads the book by themselves. Although the topic is clearly child sexual abuse, it is general enough for almost everything to apply to physical abuse as well. I particularly liked the emphasis on grooming and innocent friendship at the start of the book, and the lack of judgement of the person carrying out the abuse. This is important because a child will often be attached to an abuser, and will be less likely to disclose if the abuser is presented as ‘bad’.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: A Secret Safe to Tell by Naomi Hunter

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