The sound of Knocking on hell’s door

Seeking reconnection with the past


It was dark outside. She could see the lights inside the house, and she started knocking on the door. She knew that light was just part of the deal she would get if the door opened, but she did, anyway. Her knuckles hit the wooden surface, again and again. None opened. She cried. She panicked. She screamed. But nothing helped. It was like dropping something in the sea, hoping that it would find its way back. It was a locked door, and even if the owners heard her, they had no interest of opening it for her. They had shut it for good, as they said they would if she didn`t behave better. She tried. She really tried, but in the end she failed.

if-you-keep-knocking-on-the-devils-door-sooner-or-later-hell-invite-you-in-quote-1Now she stood alone in the darkness, sobbing and wanting to die. How could she know that there were other doors right next to this one?…

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