Flashbacks and Body Memories

Managing flashbacks and body memories – helpful self talk to get through it.

DIDdispatches Blog

TRIGGER WARNING : this blog post contains very sensitive information and may be difficult for some people to read. Please exercise self care.


They come like a sudden storm that catches you unaware, the impact of a flashback or body memory is huge. You’d think after all this time I would be used to them, somehow better able to cope and yet each time they hit I’m still left reeling. Ask any trauma survivor and they will say that they encounter flashbacks, it is a part I believe of the trauma impact. I have faced this nightmare for so long now and yet despite thinking I should be able to cope with them, sadly flashbacks still hurt.

It’s hard to explain to someone who has never encountered one the feelings that I have, or how I feel as a result and yet deep down I think it would help for…

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