Working with Difficult and Destructive Alters

Dissociative Identity Disorder -Working with difficult and destructive alters

Discussing Dissociation

I’m going to take a slight detour in the internal communication series and write a little about working with difficult alters.  It is crucial to work with these internal parts, no matter how challenging and hopeless things seem in the beginning.  Your therapy and healing will never be resolved unless you approach the issues connected with these difficult insiders.

And for that matter, the whole process of building a connection with these difficult, complicated insiders is based on building good communication skills with them, so in that sense, this post is still part of the internal communication series.  System work, in whatever way it happens, is a critical part of internal communication and the overall healing journey for everyone with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID/MPD).

Insiders may first appear in your therapy process being difficult – obstinate, obnoxious, aggressive, scary – and they may maintain destructive behaviors for a long time…

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