The Paedophiles Tweets.

Please reblog and stop this cyber-stalker from continuing to target abuse survivors – he/she has done this now on wordpress, twitter and was banned from tumblr hosting/sharing sexually explicit images of children.

Please reblog and add the names The_SRP, SRP, Max/SRP and SRP3 to your block lists and report any abuse.

Stay safe everyone.

More here –

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Fullscreen capture 6052014 24223 PM

Fullscreen capture 6052014 24303 PM

Fullscreen capture 6052014 24648 PM

Fullscreen capture 6052014 24804 PM

Fullscreen capture 6052014 24917 PM

I had to phone my police officer husband to come home over this.

This person decided he was entitled to go to an abuse survivors Twitter account and voice his views and then act like the victim.

Did he care, that this was highly distressing for me – no he did not. Sick.

Did he care that I have PTSD and a whole load of disgusting, terrifying memories of abuse came flooding back, that rendered me in a huge mess, barely able to phone my husband. No he does not.

All he cares about is himself and justifying his sick mind and he believes ‘he’ is the victim. As they all do.

Reported to police.

How fucking dare he.

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