What “DID” I do? What do I do?

My Life Unscripted

As many of you know, I tend to share a lot of my poetry, but it is not often that I will actually blog about my life. That’s probably because I am able to acknowledge or express my emotions without actually feeling them. The concept of “feeling” emotions terrifies me.

I have lived most of my life without physically expressing my emotions. I don’t smile very often, even when I am happy. I don’t always laugh when I find humor in something. Even when I had to cope with the passing of my grandfather, I didn’t shed a tear.

It was not because I was not devastated, but I couldn’t cry– even when I tried to force myself. Instead, I have a fixed disposition that appears distant, detached, and even cold. I never fail to receive a compliment when a smile sweeps across my face, “You have such a beautiful…

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