Can Complex PTSD Be Cured?

Can Complex PTSD be fully cured? How long does it take to even reach stability?

Dr. Kathleen Young: Treating Trauma in Tucson

Recently a reader asked a version of this question in response to my post about Complex PTSD:

…I have been told by many doctors, therapists, psychitrists, and psychologists that I will always have PTSD. I have only found one person willing to help with complex ptsd. I am starting to feel angry that I have to live with the consiquences of someones distructive behaviors. I am starting to feel like their is little hope of ever having this cptsd to stop.

I would like to know the length of therapy that is expected for Cptsd.
I wish I could feel normal again and not relieve tramatic events, have issues with relationships, abandoment issues, and mental health issues….

My short answer to this question of cure is a resounding “Yes!”

My longer answer involves first mentioning that I am not a fan of the word “cure”, as I feel it…

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One thought on “Can Complex PTSD Be Cured?

  1. I am being realistic suffering from it as long as I have as well with dealing with the reality of my life & having to have to go back & deal with the ugliness of the past in order to go forth I honestly not trying to be negative but am honest & know myself best.
    I don’t care how good someone may think they are for me no.
    Remembering that we are all many as well as varied ought to help. We all have our own experiences. That is how we learn.


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