Where does low self-esteem come from? Does it effect health?

Self-esteem and a sense of identity develop during early childhood. If a person is raised is an emotionally damaging environment or does not have their emotional needs met this affects self-esteem. Some people with persistent low self-esteem may not regard their early life as damaging because of their distorted perceptions of themselves and others.

Low self-esteem which develops in childhood is not fixed for life, it can be altered. Finding the cause of the distorted perceptions developed in childhood can be a very effective and empowering way of raising self-esteem.

child abuse distorts perceptions psychotherapy teaches you to find and alter the distortions


Raising self-esteem along the way has positive effects on overall health and productivity. We can begin to love our lives where before we may have found them to be a burden. Facing and surviving unhealthy love or emotional difficulties takes courage. The rewards are worth it. Learning the difference between healthy relationships and unhealthy ones is the beginning of relational maturity.

My self-esteem elevated when I faced the truth about my past and that I was not to blame; it was not my shame.

Darlene Ouimet, emergingfrombroken.com Follow her on twitter @DarleneOuimet


How can low self-esteem affect your daily life?

This is a powerful example from Darlene, and if you have been stuck in snowy weather it may well be very familiar.

A day in the Life of Darlene – Recognizing the Origin of Self-Blame


3 thoughts on “Where does low self-esteem come from? Does it effect health?

  1. I am happy that you have discussed this particular issue. One thing that is discussed in first year college psychology is the overwhelming tendency to blame the victim for their predicament. This does not only not solve the problem but can make it worse.

    It is comforting to see that folk psychology is becoming more and more objective and people are beginning to see that mental disorders of all magnitudes can be treated if the proper treatments are sought after.

    The health of the citizens of our nations is of course the greatest duty of each and every one of us. Rather then put the mental handicapped out on the streets we should look to helping them by making treatment for their disorders affordable and accessible.

    Keep up the great work !


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