My self-care gift of not going to visit my family.

My self-care gift of not going to visit my family.

there's a flower in my attic

For the past few days, I have weighed the pros and cons of visiting my family for Christmas. Even though I already knew that the pros was a shorter list, it wasn’t until this morning that I finalized my decision not to go.

( According to Christian beliefs, Christmas is the celebration of the birth or Epiphany of Jesus and the few astrologers and psychics that came to give him gifts in reverence. Through pure capitalism and brilliant marketing strategies( i.e Santa Claus), centuries later, this holiday has now become an extended version of this gift-giving celebration, where families and friends get together to present and sometimes exchange, gifts.)

For as long as I can remember, celebrating Christmas or any other holiday quite frankly, has been an innate host of trauma, most of which I have not addressed. I have decided this year, to claim my responsibility in adding to…

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