Merry Christmas – or is it Merry for Everyone?

Is it a Merry Christmas or not? Have you been spending time with animals? Here are some lovely animal pictures. #didlittles

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Sometimes Christmas can be a time full of exploring.

And seeing wonderment in the eyes of children, and enjoying new sights and sounds. Christmas can be about playing, smiling, carefree, and innocence.



Sometimes Christmas isn’t so fun….

It can be a sad time. A lonely time.  A missing people you love time.

It’s not the Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas kind of time.

It’s even more lonely and more terrible to be having a sad day when “everyone else in the world” is having a fun-filled, wonderful day (or so they say, anyway….).



Sometimes Christmas can bring out all kinds of grumpy, grouchy and angry feelings.  Family conflict, stress, everyday life troubles, trauma, all kinds of things can happen to turn our Happy Holiday season into something really not so good at all.

It’s worse than Bah Humbug…. Christmas for these folks is genuinely difficult, and…

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2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – or is it Merry for Everyone?

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