Working with Cult – RA – Mind Control and Extreme Torture and Abuse

This is an important topic and fear of discussing it and fear of facing such trauma can stop survivors healing.

The comments at the end are especially valuable, as is Kathy’s point that internal people aren’t the ones who create the original traumas – they are the ones who had to survive it.

Supporting survivors of ritual abuse

Discussing Dissociation

“Have you worked with clients that have ‘extreme torture’ trauma history in cult-RA and/or mind-control (governmental experiments)? If so, what has worked?”
Thanks for the question.  What a doozy!!!

Yes, I have worked with trauma survivors that have talked about extreme torture, cult / RA abuse, mind control and governmental experiment traumas.  Bunches of clients through the years have spoken in detail about many of these things.  All of these survivors have also presented with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID/MPD), as these extreme, sadistic tortures cause splits to occur.

That’s the easy part to answer.  The harder question is addressing the “what has worked” part!


And since this is a ritual holiday weekend, I thought this might be a good time to address these extreme abuses.  I am sure that many of my readers have been experiencing difficult memories and flashbacks this weekend.  It’s…

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