The Bullying Bird

Difficult Alters / Parts in Dissociative Identity Disorder – will things get any better?

Discussing Dissociation

Continuing on with the magpie stories, I’m pleased to tell you about another interesting magpie.

Please note – I am not an expert on magpies by any means.  I write stories based only on my personal observations and personal experiences with the birds themselves.  I really know nothing about them!

Also, please note – this story has a few sections that could be upsetting for young readers.  Please let your older ones read first, and decide after that if you want your littles to read it on their own.

Ok, on to the maggie tales…
As I spent interacting time with the young maggie babies, I gradually noticed a few other birds that hung around as well.  One of the first and most obvious birds was a bigger, closer to full-grown magpie bird.

In fact, this adult maggie was around so much that I began to wonder if…

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