My 100 Strengths, as Said by a Group of Dissociative Trauma Survivors

My 100 strengths by Dissociative Survivors – add a comment below if you want to add more strengths!

Discussing Dissociation

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Hello to everyone,

This week I was digging around looking and looking and looking for that one thing that I put somewhere where I would never lose it…. (and yes, of course, I simply could not remember where that particularly important never-to-be-forgotten filing place was, argh!!!!) …. but in searching and searching and searching, I found several other treasures I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

One re-discovered treasure was an article printed in “Many Voices”, April 1994. This article, called “100 Strengths I Have” was submitted by Kimberly B. and was an exercise done in an out-patient group I had at that point in time. We used an exercise described in the book Journal To the Self by Kathleen Adams, M.A. The goal of the exercise was to list out 100 positive qualities that each group member found in his or herself, or a positive quality they recognized…

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3 thoughts on “My 100 Strengths, as Said by a Group of Dissociative Trauma Survivors

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