Complex PTSD has been researched for many years and includes all the symptoms of PTSD plus others.

Complex PTSD has been given several different names over the years, including DESNOS – disorders of extreme stress not otherwise specified – but exactly what are the symptoms?
What is Complex PTSD?

How does Complex PTSD differ from PTSD?

What is Complex PTSD?

10 thoughts on “What is Complex PTSD?

  1. I have PTSD myself , it’s horrible I have good and bad days really it’s because I never got the right help after I was raped , I thought I could deal with it myself , I pretended like nothing was wrong for years , I wouldn’t go out alone , I have not got on a bus for years ! I have list weight , no energy , don’t want to look nice any more , I stay in most if the time it was only recently that I have seemed help from my gp I’m awaiting trauma counselling for PTSD , it’s very serious I still don’t understand it but I know if left in treated you will not get better ! But you have to be ready ! Speak to your gp there are non medicated treatments theropy sessions that ladtvfircaboyt 2 years it’s not going to easy for me but I’m looking forward to it x

    Keep up your good work

    Sarah k Nottingham uk England xx💙❤️🌟

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  4. hi pumpkin/Sarah – we’re actually a joint project so different people write the posts here (and from different countries). Its good to here your getting proper trauma counselling sorted out.
    We’ve also got a bloggers group which anyone can join and promote their blogs or books in- – you’re welcome to join and post links to your blogs in there, its mostly trauma and dissociation so a good place to get to know other bloggers & get some news.
    We’re also busy on our academic site too http://www.dissociative-identity-disorder – its about all the trauma & stressor and dissociative disorders, so there is a lot to cover! We definitely need more on PTSD though.


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