Is Sex Education for Primary School Kids a Bad Thing?

Should there be sex education for under 11s? How would it impact young children, and would they be able to understand it?

Would this help with disclosing child sexual abuse which begins at a very young age? What do you think?

The Vision Within

This is a response I gave to a Facebook post by a close friend of mine, Mr Simon Bellord-Bull, who objected to a Christian organisation coming out with a document objecting to sex education for primary school kids ( ). There followed a rather ugly religious discussion involving another friend of mine. Here is my response.

I’ve skimmed through the article and find the content a conservative point of view – a valid one too for people like my parents who, though liberal in most things, tend to avoid all matters concerning sex. Also, if a child is too young (and I’m sure there have been research studies done regarding proper ages to begin education about sex) then the point gets lost and a child would probably resort to feeling a bit queasy about imaging mom and dad doing the wild thing.

Personally, I was brought up without almost any…

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One thought on “Is Sex Education for Primary School Kids a Bad Thing?

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