Living with Bipolar Disorder & an Eating Disorder

Having an eating disorder make managing mental health very difficult – especially when you need medication. Read about Erin’s struggles recovering from bipolar disorder and how she copes now.

Where I Stand

erin laughI don’t write much about my struggle with bipolar disorder on the blog, I believe partly because its a newer and less familiar diagnosis of mine (compared to my 13 year struggle with eating disorders/body image/food). I was diagnosed during my sophomore year of college (2010). Prior to being diagnosed I thought my mood changes were at least semi normal. Being in college I initially used the mania to my advantage not sleeping and becoming hyper vigilant/obsessed with school and my grades. During the times of great depression I withdrew from the world into my bed for days. The only person who really saw how bad it was was my roommate and as she tried to help and pushed her away. During this time I was attempting to work on eating disorder recovery but just as my moods fluctuated my behaviors did as well.

As my doctors/treatment providers become more…

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5 thoughts on “Living with Bipolar Disorder & an Eating Disorder

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  2. I really don’t like going here as it is another of those oh crap no it really Isn’t in my head yeah it has been real for way to long. The Eating disorder, The Complex PTSD as well as the all to real Manic Depression/Bipolar Disorder. That was being dealt with & finally since they figured out which one it was. Now with the added complication of the pain & other health issues intensifying everything. Now the eating disorder has made my weight loss that much more noticeable the huge subtle hint of not enough holes in my belt nor a pair of pant’s small enough. I hear people when they say something but maybe a bit to occupied or have run out of ways to try to get myself to eat something.

    I feel that the more that I learn when learning to live with these things that I am surviving as I go for happiness as well it is nice to hear from someone else as well as how they see it. Thank you for sharing every bit help’s
    Peace & be as well as you can.


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