Discussing Dissociation, Five Years Later

Dissociative identity disorder – “Painful but sheer genius” Kathy Broady


Discussing Dissociation

Five years. Yes, five.

This December 2013 marks the five year anniversary of the Discussing Dissociation blog. Five years. FIVE years already already. Wow. Where does the time go?

At the moment, there are over 200 articles written about dissociative disorders, and over 3400 comments from the people who understand dissociative disorders better than anyone else in the world — thank you for your comments, everyone!

This small library has become a great resource for anyone wanting to read about, understand, or learn more about dissociation.  I think we all can congratulate ourselves for a job well done.  There is no doubt in my mind that this blog would not be anything much at all without the comments and participation from you all.  So thank you. I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you.


What is Dissociative Identity Disorder?

These incredible pictures and paintings explain it…

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