Male Abuse Awareness Week 2013

It’s Male Abuse Awareness Week from Dec 1 – Dec 8th.

There are very few bloggers posting about his so far – so we’ve put together some information and a list of related blogs and resources.


Abuse can take many different forms and there are many myths about men who have been abused, either as boys or as adults.

Abuse can happen to anyone.

It is never the victim’s fault.

Male Abuse Awareness Week


Support Male Survivors of Abuse

The Wounded Warrior – Jan L Frayne author of “Beyond Survivor” blogs about healing from child sexual abuse (

Help show support for male survivors by reblogging this or writing your own blog.

Sign the epetition to request equally funding for services to support male abuse victims.


Support and information about the abuse of males:

Men’s Advice Line

A men’s project male survivors of abuse page

Male survivor – Myths surrounding sexual abuse of males



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