Relationship difficulties in trauma survivors: the Victim, Rescuer and Persecutor roles and the Drama Triangle

I’ve been thinking of blogging about this for a while and then stumbled across an excellent blog today, written by a counselor.

This is so common in trauma survivors – as it being stuck in a “Victim” mode where you feel helpless and unable to change anything or get out of situations on your own, leaving you in need of a Rescuer… the concept is known as the Karpman Drama Triangle, from  Transactional Analysis.

Image from wikimedia commons

an alternative model, with a positive outcome is David Emerald’s The Empowerment Dynamic

(both images courtesy of wikimedia commons)

Read the full explanation in this excellent blog


5 thoughts on “Relationship difficulties in trauma survivors: the Victim, Rescuer and Persecutor roles and the Drama Triangle

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  2. I had issues with this after a serious sexual assault I had just met my partner , but we survived it and 5 years on we are still together and stronger than ever but it took a lot if work , he was very patient and understanding to my mood swings and I pushed him away but I love him so much now and I feel so lucky to have had him with me every step of the way x

    I think your blog is great I will be a reg visitor I hope you enjoy my blog make sure u follow me and like my blog if you don’t mind then u will get all my updates x

    Speak soon hopefully I will share your blog on twitter and Facebook hopefully get u some more followers on such a great blog x happy u liked my male rape blog article I think it is a serious subject snd needs awareness that’s why I put it on my blog as it happens to anybody not just women

    Take care and good luck with your blog thank you for visiting mine xx

    Love Sarah from


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