Unhelpful Core Beliefs as a Result of Childhood Trauma

A key post about “core beliefs” – could this be the essence of long term recovery from child abuse?
Trigger warning: Eating disorders

Life as a Committee

This post touches child sexual abuse

and contains images that may be

distressing to those with eating disorders.






I could write you a thousand word (or more!) essay on core beliefs, and although that would be interesting, it would be every so slightly dry and a tad boring. This blog is my story. I try to educate and inform as I write, but each post is filled with my own thoughts, feelings and experiences.

I have to start with a definition of core beliefs. What are they? I think the term can seem a bit obscure and hard to understand. The way I think of core beliefs – they’re those beliefs about yourself that underly how you think, feel, and behave. Even that seems a bit confusing!

In 2005 my psychologist at the time handed me a wad of papers stapled together entitled ‘Core Beliefs’…

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3 thoughts on “Unhelpful Core Beliefs as a Result of Childhood Trauma

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